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Financial Supply Chain

With good business reputation and business performance, Wing-Bell formed a strategic partnership with many bank, has plenty of bank credit, and based on rich experience in the supply chain financial services, to provide customers with diversified supply chain financial services.

Short-term Financing

According to the supply chain operation needs of customers and the risk-control scientific management principles, Wing-Bell provides perfect capital deploy and supply chain financing services for customers. Its formed ESUNNY small loan company provides professional supply chain financial services to help enterprises which have financial difficulties to crack the financing bottleneck, to help small and medium-sized enterprises to become larger and stronger.

Financial Leasing of Equipment

Through the integration of industry resources advantage, Wing-Bell can provide machinery and equipment, medical equipment and other equipment leasing services for factories, schools, hospitals and other institutions. At the same time, Wing-Bell also can provide equipment finance lease services.

Overall Capital Solution and IPO Counseling

Relying on the good cooperation with bank, Wing-Bell has set up a good interaction and cooperation platform between the enterprise and the bank. According to the enterprise’s cash flow needs, Wing-Bell provides enterprise management consulting and diagnosis, and tailors the most suitable and effective service solutions.