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Production-oriented supply chain
Production-oriented supply chain service (wide supply chain service): During the whole process operation of supply chain from material purchase to product sales, the enterprise can selectively outsource all or part of its non-core business to Wing-Bell. When helping enterprises realize improvement in supply chain efficiency and overall cost leadership, Wing-Bell integrates the upstream and downstream enterprises on the supply chain to realize collaborative operation and increment of supply chain value through service innovation.

Service objectManufacturing enterprise, integrated enterprise, brand enterprise, etc.

Sourcing Fulfillment Service

Help enterprises realize zero inventory management, improve suppliers’ production inventory efficiency, and thoroughly solve the problem of the large number of overstocked products caused by the gap between planned production and actual sales.

Assist the enterprise with sunshine purchase and avoid the costs from getting out of control due to various problems arising during the purchasing process. 


Sales Fulfillment Service


Build distribution services platform between the manufacturer and dealer.

Help enterprises serve dealers throughout the country and realize the unification of business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow.

Help enterprises to build up the buffer between production and sales and increase the elasticity of the enterprise’s supply chain.