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Wing-Bell Culture

Wing-Bell Culture

Achieve the value of customers!

We are in awe of customers and put ourselves in customers' places. We try our best to "think about what customers think about and worry about what customers worry about". We provide customers with "reasonable, reassuring and safe" products and services and truly accomplish "customers' demands are the pursuit of Wing-Bell"! Attaching importance to product quality is the responsibility that we take for customers and also the most basic bottom line. In Wing-Bell, the product is not only a thing, which brings us the embodiment of life and value. WING-BELL puts its great efforts into the products and endow them endless vitality to help our customers to achieve the value. The products we provide customers with are not only the products, more important is overall solutions. WING-BELL emphasizes humanist and customer-focused concept, and fully considers customers to make customers satisfied.

Build venture platform for employees who are willing to achieve their life value by hard work!

In WING-BELL, the company pays attention to the growth of all staffs, and every employee can realize the dream by efforts and obtain everything we want. WING-BELL has a warm work environment like a family, where we learn from each other, help each other and share experience one another. WING-BELL has very thick learning atmosphere, where everyone keeps himself or herself studying, and each staff keeps progress. "Learning from work, working in study" is the fastest growth way for everyone. WING-BELL has pretty thick family atmosphere, where employees get along well one another like brothers and sisters. We work together, learn together, share the success and strive for dreams together. Everyone who chooses WING-BELL has an ambitious dream, and WING-BELL will also help those who have dreams to realize dreams. WING-BELL gives us the platform to realize the dream, we are willing to follow WING-BELL to surpass dream and fly with WING-BELL forever.

Wing-Bell Orientation

Service provider of overall LED lighting solutions

In WING-BELL, the products we provide customers are not only LED products, more important is overall LED lighting solutions. The so-called "overall solutions" is to take the consumption demand of customers as the center and provide the "one-stop" service. We try our best to provide all the necessary products and services for customers until customers feel satisfied. WING-BELL overall solution regards customers as starting point and save time for clients, and all problems are solved together at once, which is more convenient, efficient and economical. As for WING-BELL, overall solutions helps to improve work efficiency, brings greater customer satisfaction and loyalty and create more value for WING-BELL.

Wing-Bell Vision

To be a leader of overall LED lighting solutions

WING-BELL aspires to be a leader of overall solutions of LED lighting industry. WING-BELL relies on technological innovation, product innovation and innovation of management mechanism to promote enterprise transformation, upgrading of products and technical progress, and further strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprise products. WING-BELL aims to be a brand enterprise of LED lighting industry, to be a benchmarking and flag of LED lighting industry and to be a leader of LED lighting industry in China and even the world.

Core Values of Wing-Bell

Awe of customers

Grasp customers' demands exactly, stand on the customers' point of view, survey products and services carefully, and master customers' needs dynamic. Help customers to achieve more value by providing safe and reassuring products and services. Respect customers, understand customers' needs, serve customers with a heart of awe and create the value for customers. A customer is god, so only we are truly in awe of customers, the enterprise can be the ever-victorious general when facing up to fierce competition in the market! We should be full of patience and generosity to customers, continuously improve our service capability in awe of customers and provide customers with satisfying enough products and services.

Honesty and credit

Honesty is sincerity, honesty is faith, honesty is a promise, and honesty is the action after a promise. Honesty and credit is traditional moral value of Chinese nation and is also the principle that everyone should obey. Keep the pledge, strive for the sincerity, and really regard customers as god. Be dependable and keep the promise. Act according to the principle and exchange with results are the virtue that we advocate.

Team spirit

In WING-BELL, excellent team spirit is the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Every employee pays attention to the general situation consciousness, team spirit and service spirit. WING-BELL respects every employee's interest and success in order to achieve the greatest individual value. WING-BELL pays attention to cooperation, where all employees overcome difficulties with WING-BELL together. All empolyees' centripetal force and cohesion reflects the unification between individual interests and whole interests in WING-BELL. WING-BELL never asks team members to make sacrifice, instead, showing the personality and performing the specialty help to complete the task well. Clear collaboration will and collaborative approach produce real inner power. In WING-BELL, our team are not only in harmonious environment but also have mutual learning attitude, and have the spirit to bravely take responsibility and collective sense of honor.

Saving and consumption reduction

Saving and consumption reduction start with “me”. WING-BELL LED products are the model of energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction. Everybody is responsible for energy conservation and consumption reduction. We should protect the environment and not waste resources, and reduce the loss of the resources with energy-saving equipment’s. We hope that WING-BELL lighting products create benefits for customers while helping the country to save energy. We foster everyone of the whole society to protect our earth together and leave our children a better environment.

Sustainability and innovation

Along with the rapid economic growth and constantly increasing population, striving to reduce the contradictions of resources shortage, constantly improving the ecological environment and realizing sustainable development have become a very pressing task. WING-BELL are always pursuing constant innovation, excellent products and creating value for customers. WING-BELL keeps pace with the times in the pursuit of enterprise sustainability and promptly adjust and change products according to market change to lead the progress of lighting industry.